3/8" Spline Anderson uses Dark Bronze, Bright Brass & White in this size.
Stock No. Color     Wt. 100 Pack Wt.
TH00 Bright Brass Call For Pricing        
TH01* Aluminum          
TH02 Dark Bronze          
TH03 Light Brass          
TH07 White          
9/32" Spline Peachtree Some Peachtree windows use 11/32" handles.
TH16 Driftwood Call For Pricing        
TH17 White          
11/32" Spline Fits `Truth and Wright' window mechanisms which are used by many window companies. The word Truth or Wriht will appear on the arm outside the window that connects the operator to the bottom of the window. You must open the window to see it.Some brands that use this hardware are: Avon, Biltbest, Caradco, Craftline, Crestline, Eagle, Harvey, Hurd, Johnson-Postman, King, Kolby & Kolby, Lincoln, Louisana-Pacific, MW, Malta, Marvin, And many more.
Stock No. Color Less than 25 25 Pack Wt. 100 Pack Wt.
TH20 Bright Brass Call For Pricing        
TH22 Dark Bronze          
TH23 Light Brass          
TH24 Copperite          
TH25 Star Brown          
TH26 Driftwood          
TH27 White          
TH28 Champagne          
TH29 Chestnut          
TH2A Beige          
3/8"-11 Spline Pella (3/8" Special)
TH30 Bright Brass Call For Pricing        
TH34* Copperite          
TH37 White          
TH38 Champagne          
5/16" Spline Used primarliy on metal windows such as jalousie.
TH51 Aluminum Call For Pricing        
TH52 Dark Bronze          
TH53* Light Brass          
7/16" Spline For older style operators.
TH72* Dark Bronze Call For Pricing        
Awning Handle Fits 1/8"awning windows where the mechanism is in the lower corner of the window.
TH41 Aluminum Call For Pricing        
TH47 White          
TH49 Chestnut          
Hex Splined Handle 1/8" Hex size Mila windows      
Star brown
Call For Pricing        
Tamper resistant window handles 3/8" Andersen CC15 Allen wrench .15 ea. On orders of 250pcs and more no cost.
Dark bronze
Call For Pricing        
11/32" Truth & Wright       
 Dark bronze
Call For Pricing        
 Light brass
 Star brown
 3/8"-11 Pella       
Call For Pricing        
*When determining colors, match to plastic cover, not the original handle color.

We manufacture a large assortment of handles. Long and short crank handles. Mobile home and RV crank handles. We also manufacture a large assortment of window operators such as awning operators, casement operators, dual arm operators, jalousie operators and mobile home operators. We manufacture window operators for companies such as Yale, Superoir, Pino, Victor Sun Control, Lawsen and many more. Some of the names our distributors which includes. Blaine window, Stry-Buc, Barton Kramer, Replacement hardware, US Hardware, Hardware discounters, Hopes, RH Rowley co. Primeline. Your Key To Quality Castings.